Maintenance Tips

E-cycle care

  • Before riding, check tire pressure and brakes.
  • Moderate your speed on cycle trails.
  • Kinisi e-cycles are for moving around in Auroville, not for acrobatics. Drive safely!

Battery care

  • Avoid long exposure to intense rain or sunlight. Riding in the rain or sun is not a problem, just don’t park your e-cycle under a pouring gutter or leave it all day in the full sun. If you have a saddlebag over your rear battery, it will protect the battery. Park your e-cycle in the shade whenever possible.
  • When only one bar is visible on the display, stop electric assistance and pedal until you can recharge the battery.
  • You can charge every night from any normal outlet. Power consumption is similar to charging a laptop, so you can use solar and UPS outlets as well. There is no memory effect. Charger will stop automatically once the charge is optimal.
  • While charging, keep battery and charger uncovered and ventilated.

Locks care

  • A number lock is provided with your e-cycle. To avoid numbers changing randomly during the ride, lock it on itself and change the number slightly before riding.
  • When parking, lock both the battery and the e-cycle. You are responsible in case of theft.