Our Vision

The aim of Kinisi is to bring electric mobility to all Auroville residents, volunteers and guests. As a first step towards this, we are offering e-cycles for rent and for sale.  We are happy to give you an opportunity to move around Auroville comfortably, silently and emission-free.

Our Motivation

Mobility is a matter of serious concern in Auroville. The main means of transport is the individually owned petrol-based two-wheeler, and, increasingly, a petrol or diesel car. During the guest season, the number of vehicles increases almost threefold. Since most roads are unpaved, motorcycles raise a lot of dust, which affects the health of residents, visitors, animals, and plants. That, and the noise and the speed with which people travel, create an environment which is the opposite of what Auroville should aspire for.



KIM (Kinisi In-kind Mobility) was created to provide hassle-free e-cycle stewardship to Auroville residents. It is a novel membership-based concept in shared sustainable mobility.


Volunteers are students and professionals who wish to participate in and contribute to Auroville for a period of 2 to 12 months. They are helped by Savi, a service that maintains a database of volunteering opportunities, both informal and academic, to help them find projects for the skills and goodwill they can offer. Savi supports and assists volunteers in their various needs before and during their stay in Auroville. Volunteers get a discount from Kinisi!


Schedule your ride for Service

Periodic Maintenance Services are of utmost importance to keep your e-cycle in the pink of its health. We conduct a complete and comprehensive check-up of your cycle during the maintenance service which includes replacement and inspection as detailed below: