Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about renting  e-cycle and e-scooter from us.

Who can rent from KINISI?

Aurovillians, Newcomers, Guests and Volunteers in Auroville can rent from us. Visitors staying at any Auroville registered Guest House or Home Stay can also rent.

Note: Auro-Card is not mandatory. We accept all electronic modes of payment. CASH NOT ACCEPTED.

How much does it cost to rent?

The price depends on the model and number of days for booking. You can find the pricing details once you select the choose dates and the model on our web app.

Do you accept International credit and debit cards?

Yes, we accept international credit and debit cards.

What kind of electric vehicles do you offer?
  • e-Cycles (Sporty, Step-Through, Family Cargo and Fat Bike)
  • e-Scooters
  • e-Scooters (3-wheel)
What is included in the e-cycle rental?
  • Battery charger with key
  • Number lock or lock with key
  • Headlight

Other accessories such as helmet, baby seat, poncho, saddlebag, or front basket may be included or added for a small fee if possible, depending on the model.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

About 4 hours to take 5% to 100% (full-charge).

What is the electricity consumption for one full battery charge?

It consumes about 0.3 units per charge which is equivalent to INR 3/- or 2-3 hours of laptop use.

What happens in case of puncture?

Please call us at +91 83004-60679 during working hours and we will arrange for puncture repair either on-site or at our workshop. You can also text us on whats app on the same number.

Can we get a return pick-up service?

Yes, you can. It is chargeable @300/-

Note: We do not offer drop service because renting from us is an experience and therefore, we want our customer to be able to select the e-cycle that makes them feel comfortable and get it custom configured for the best riding experience.

What is your repair/service area?

We cater to Auroville and Pondicherry for now. 

How do I keep my vehicle in good shape?

Check out our Maintainance tips here!

What happens in case of theft or accident?

You are responsible, as mentioned in your contract, and you will be charged for replacing the vehicle in case of theft, or for replacing damaged parts in case of accident.

Can we buy a e-cycle and if we can how much will it cost?

Yes, you can. It can cost between 25K to 75K depending on the model you select to purchase.

What is the lead time from order to delivery?

Immediate if stock is available for the model, else, the lead time can be ~3-4 weeks from the date of order confirmation.

Can we convert a standard cycle into a e-cycle?

Yes, you can purchase a conversion kit from us and have it installed on your bike to convert into an e-cycle.

Does KINISI manufacture?

No, we are research and design focused organisation and we have made our design open source. We get parts contract manufactured or we purchase parts when needed and assemble them at our workshop.

What does KINISI mean?

Our name comes from the Greek word 'kinesis' pronounced KINISI and meaning motion, movement, locomotion.